Not Just Any Road Trip

"One of the greatest things I've ever heard!"

"It's an exciting, fascinating experience to go along on the ride with Scott and his brother. Some of the things that they go through are terrifying and amazing, and pretty much all of the range of emotions that you can think of. There's a lot to experience here, and if you're a traveler, this is going to satisfy that feeling of getting out there and seeing the world. It's a cool experience, especially to hear it all through audio. As Scott is a very experienced radio journalist, he knows what sounds good, and he puts it all together in this podcast, far.from.home."

--'s "Podcast of the Day"

"Although my podcast documents many of the experiences I’ve had while traveling, I’ve never intended for it to be about vacation tourism. Rather, as I’ve journeyed around the world, I’ve tried to meet interesting people, look for adventures, and find crazy and exciting situations where I ask, 'What the hell have I gotten myself into?' The problem is, it’s often really difficult to set out looking for that sort of tape. I’ve tried to crack the code, but there doesn’t appear to be a simple solution. You just need to hang out in a place for a long time and get lucky."

-- Interview about the process of making my show with "Poding Along,"
a website featuring conversations with podcasters from around the world


Just a casual 11,000 mile drive

"I can’t stop listening to Scott’s far.from.home podcast. It makes me want to do the Mongol Rally myself one day. If you’re an aspiring traveler like myself, I highly recommend listening to all the episodes so far (and those to come)."

-- Gallivanting Podcaster blog

The Mongol Rally is a guaranteed (but super-fun) disaster

"How about this for a vacation idea? Fly to Europe, buy a beat-up clunker, then try to make it from England to Mongolia in one piece. There’s no official route and no official rulebook. Photographer Drew Gurian and his brother, Scott, did just that this summer as participants in the Adventurists’ Mongol Rally."

--November, 2016 photo essay on Outside Magazine's website

Bloomfield Brothers To Help Charities
during International Rally

Bloomfield Life - July 7, 2016: "Two brothers from Bloomfield, Scott and Drew Gurian, are heading to London to participate in the 2016 Mongol Rally, an annual event where hundreds travel more than 10,000 miles in tiny vehicles to raise money for charity."

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"Imagine doing the Mongol Rally, a 10,000 mile road trip race from London to Mongolia, with a family member! Last fall Scott Gurian, a journalist, contacted me to do an interview about my experiences on the Mongol Rally. He’s doing the rally this summer with his brother, and he’s also producing an amazing podcast, called Far From Home, covering the rally. You can tell Scott is a true professional – this is one of the best independent produced podcasts that I’ve listened to – and I’m not just saying that because I’m interviewed in the first episode! If you’ve ever thought about the idea of doing the Mongol Rally, then follow his journey at Far From Home Podcast…you will be enthralled."

-- Travel blogger Sherry Ott, Ottsworld Travel and Life Experiences

The lengths he'll go for a story
are about to reach 11,000 miles

"'This is a big trip we're taking. Driving through parts of the world that the average American has never been through – through the 'Stans,' Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and places that just sound so foreign and can be a little scary if you haven't done much traveling,' said Gurian on the latest edition of The Backgrounder Podcast. 'It seems like a really great thing to document. We'll have tons of stories along the way.'"

June, 2016 hour-long interview on The Backgrounder podcast recorded live on stage in Montclair, NJ, where I discussed my upcoming trip and the launching of the Far From Home podcast and took questions from the audience.

Also featured on and NJ Spotlight.

Photo courtesy of Carol Murphy

Photo courtesy of Carol Murphy


"Truly a must listen. One of the most interesting podcasts out today. It should be getting way more attention than it is. It will challenge your sense of adventure like nothing else. Scott does a terrific job putting it all together. And I agree with others. He makes you feel like you are there. I can't say enough good things about this. Hit the 'subscribe' button right now and start listening. WARNING: You're going to want to binge listen, so allow plenty of time."
"Just started and already I'm addicted. As a fellow podcaster and long-time fan of the medium, I have fairly high standards. Make no mistake this is the good stuff."
"This podcast is perfect for adventurous people! You get to travel vicariously through the sincere and funny Scott Gurian. I feel like I get a little 'road wear.' I love to get out in the world, experience the real streets of a place, and see what happens around the bend. This is such a fun (and cheap!) way to do it."
"This is amazing! It's calling to my wandering heart. I'm wanting to go now!"
"This podcast is an engaging form of storytelling that takes the listener from wherever they are sitting to right next to [the host] in the streets, rolling through the bumpy countryside and into city marketplaces. Scott asks thoughtful questions, and his conversations are insightful, interesting, and funny as he and his traveling companions explore ever-changing surroundings. The tie-in to the website with videos and photos only enhances the experience and leaves the listener coming back for more each podcast release. Really happy to discover this podcast, and would definitely recommend it to others."
"Binged almost all the episodes this afternoon... now I've got the bug to take a serious road trip."
"I am so thrilled you turned me onto your podcast. All through the 80s and part of the 90s, I made my living performing around the world on cruise ships, and lately I have been so despondent that travel is not a regular part of my life (now that I have to pay for it!). I am at a corporate job that the harder I work, the more they suck my soul dry, so I am looking to make a huge change in my like, and it MUST involve travel. So, for the moment, until I can bring that to fruition, I can live vicariously through you and your adventures! I can already tell this will be my new addiction! Bravo to you and your adventurous spirit!"