For those of you new to podcasts, here's a quick tutorial:

A podcast is a free audio program that you can listen to whenever you want, while you’re on the go. You’re welcome to simply click the links on my website to hear the show, but there are also a number of other ways to listen that might be more convenient, so you don’t need to be sitting in front of your computer. If you want to listen on your smart phone, you will need an app that plays podcast files. Don’t worry. It’s pretty easy.

For iPhone/iPad/iPod users – Grab your phone or device and go to this address or simply open up the Apple Podcasts app, which should already be on your phone. The app icon is purple and white. Then search for "Far From Home" (but make sure you select the right one, since there are several other shows with similar names) and click subscribe. Every time I release a new episode, it will download automatically to your phone from now on so you can listen. You can also use other apps like RadioPublic, or Overcast.


For users of Android and other types of devices – If your device uses Google Play instead of Apple Podcasts, you can subscribe to the podcast here or you can download any other free podcast listening app like RadioPublic or Pocket Casts and search for “Far From Home” under shows.

You can also download my podcast directly from its RSS feed where the show's audio lives on the internet:

For smart speaker owners - If you have an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Tap, the best way to listen is to tell Alexa to enable the Anypod skill (or click here). Then say "Alexa, tell AnyPod to play Far From Home." Unlike the Echo's built-in podcast player, Anypod lets you specify particular episodes of this program that you want to hear, you can fast-forward or rewind, and it will even remember where you left off the last time you were listening! For a more complete list of what Anypod can do, check out its user manual. And while Anypod unfortunately doesn't work with Google Home or Sonos, you can still listen on those devices by simply requesting the Far From Home podcast.

If all this is Greek to you and you don't have a smartphone or smart speaker, can always just continue to listen by clicking the audio player links that are posted on this website. I suggest you sign up for our email list or join my Facebook group to be notified when new episodes are released.

Once you become a savvy podcast listener
, please spread the word about this show and help a non-savvy listener figure out how to listen! It feels good, and your podcast newbie friend or family member will be forever grateful! And if you’re looking for other great shows to keep your ears educated, entertained, and happy while you’re waiting for the next episode of Far From Home to be released, check out my extensive list of podcast recommendations.