People often say it’s a small world, but there are giant parts of the planet that most people never think about, and billions of stories they’ve never heard. Far From Home is an award-winning, first-person, documentary-style travel and culture podcast where veteran public radio reporter Scott Gurian visits some of those places and tells some of those stories.


Lucho is a traditional medicine man who describes himself as a "curandero," or someone who heals. Using medicinal herbs, archeological relics, and hallucinogenic plants (as well as some special powers), he claims to have rid himself of diabetes and his father of cancer. He regularly travels around Peru treating people with all sorts of ailments. "Some diseases are said to be incurable," he told me, "but in the jungle, there is no way that a disease cannot be cured." Read More →

Before traveling to Belfast, I knew very little about the history of Northern Ireland. I had a vague notion that there had been some fighting in the past, but that it was all over now and things were more or less back to normal. So I was surprised to learn that in many ways, that was very much not the case. Check out this episode produced with my colleagues at 99% Invisible. Read More →

Tuva is famous for its traditional style of throat singing, which the local people call khoomei. It’s an ancient practice created by the nomadic people of Central Asia who were trying to mimic sounds of nature like the songs of birds, a babbling brook, or even the growls of a camel.
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Season one tells the story of an epic road trip I took with my brother and some friends, raising money for charity. Over seven weeks, we drove nearly 11,000 miles through 18 countries, 8 time zones, 5 mountain ranges, and a few deserts, all the way from the UK to Mongolia in a ridiculously tiny car!

Listen in and follow along with our adventures as we face everything from language barriers to mechanical trouble, getting horribly lost to paying bribes to shady traffic cops.

photo by Donna Salter

photo by Donna Salter


On the current, second season of the show, I’m ditching the car and slowing down the journey, sharing my unexpected adventures and chance encounters with interesting people around the world as I continue my travels to places as diverse as Cambodia, Chernobyl, Spain, Japan, and Peru. The goal as always is to get lost down back alleys, venture off the beaten path, and look for stories in far-flung corners of the world that most tourists never visit. In the end, despite their cultural, political, and geographic differences, I find that wherever I go, most people are far more alike than they are different.

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