About Far From Home

Far From Home is a first-person, sound-rich, documentary-style podcast where award-winning print and public radio journalist Scott Gurian brings listeners along on his unexpected adventures and chance encounters with interesting people around the world. It's part journalism, part narrative nonfiction, part fly-by-the-seat-of-your pants storytelling that aims to take its audience outside their comfort zones on journeys to far-flung places from the comfort and safety of their headphones.

The first season is a serialized story of an 11,000-mile / 18-country road trip Gurian took in the summer of 2016, where he drove with some friends from London to Mongolia in a tiny car, raising money for charity. Gurian recorded more than 65 hours of audio on that journey, capturing everything from conversations with Iranians eager to meet American tourists for the first time to interactions with dishonest traffic cops in Tajikistan who attempted to extract a bribe. On subsequent (non-serialized) seasons, he'll document some of his experiences on the drive back, as well as other adventures he's had in places as diverse as Cuba, Cambodia, Haiti, and Peru.

Unlike most travel podcasts, Far From Home strives to venture away from the throngs of tourists, get lost down back alleys, and interact with locals to give listeners a more authentic sense of place. Sometimes, episodes might be set in a location that seems familiar, but the story featured is different from the ones you've heard before. Using the power of good audio, the goal is to turn listeners into armchair adventurists, transporting them to locations they might never go and exposing them to situations they'd probably never experience on their own, all the while capturing the nuance and complexity of the world and demonstrating that despite their cultural, political, and geographic differences, most people are far more alike than they are different.

Where to Find the Show

Email: info[at]

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Social media:
Twitter: @scottgurian

Schedule: New episodes released each month

The Host

Scott Gurian is a Peabody and Murrow award-winning reporter who’s spent two decades working in radio and online journalism.  Over the years, he's helped produce daily talk shows, anchored live broadcasts, and covered stories live from the field. His work has aired on NPR, the BBC, and dozens of public radio programs and stations around the country. For more info on his background or to listen to some of his past work, visit his website.


“Turkmenistan: Just Plain Weird”
Gold Award, Audio Travel Broadcast category
2018 Society of American Travel Writers Foundation’s Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition

"An Eye-Opening Experience"
Second Place, Independent Podcasts Division
Public Radio News Directors Incorporated awards, 2018


Garden State Journalists Association 2018 Awards Podcast Features Category:

First Place for “Turkmenistan: Just Plain Weird”
Second Place for
“An Eye-Opening Experience”
Third Place for
“Culture Clash”


“Turkmenistan: Just Plain Weird”
Silver Award, Travel Broadcast – Audio Category
2017 North American Travel Journalists Assoc. Awards

Far From Home podcast
Second Place, Best Podcast Category
NJ Society of Professional Journalists 2017 Awards

What people are saying about Far From Home

"Far from Home captures the strangeness of places most Westerners have never heard of, much less visited,
like the giant fire pit and the near-empty capital city of Turkmenistan. But it’s at its best in small human moments,
from hospitality offered in Iran to the kindness of strangers after multiple mishaps. A brilliant listen."

-- The Guardian's "Podcasts of the Week" column

"Far from Home encapsulates what makes travel so formative and important.
There’s the typical cliche about how it’s not about the destination, but the journey, and that’s partially true... but it’s also about the destination.
Far from Home is one of the few podcasts that balances both concepts almost effortlessly."

-- Podcast reviewer Wil Williams

"One of the greatest things I've ever heard!"
--'s "Podcast of the Day"

"This podcast feels like reading the blog of a seasoned journalist.
The research and rigor is there when it needs to be, but Scott is free to go down rabbit holes
and explore stories in interesting ways. I've listened to a lot of podcasts but have never heard anything like this."

-- Ben Kuebrich, Host of Selects Podcast

"This podcast is a great work of storytelling. Genuinely this is one of the best audio travelogues I’ve ever heard.”
-- Frank Burton, Host of Ragbag Podcast

"As a fellow podcaster and long-time fan of the medium, I have fairly high standards. Make no mistake; this is the good stuff."
-- Andrew Steiner, Host of The Weirdball Podcast

apple podcasts LISTENER COMMENTS

"Truly a must listen. One of the most interesting podcasts out today. It should be getting way more attention than it is. It will challenge your sense of adventure like nothing else. Scott does a terrific job putting it all together. He makes you feel like you are there. I can't say enough good things about this. Hit the 'subscribe' button right now and start listening. WARNING: You're going to want to binge listen, so allow plenty of time."

"This podcast is an engaging form of storytelling that takes the listener from wherever they are sitting to right next to [the host] in the streets, rolling through the bumpy countryside and into city marketplaces. Scott asks thoughtful questions, and his conversations are insightful, interesting, and funny as he and his traveling companions explore ever-changing surroundings. The tie-in to the website with videos and photos only enhances the experience and leaves the listener coming back for more each podcast release. Really happy to discover this podcast, and would definitely recommend it to others."

Far From Home currently has an average 5 star rating in iTunes.


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