After I finished gathering audio for the first season of Far From Home by taking an 11,000 mi. road trip from the UK to Mongolia, I decided to keep traveling, especially to more parts of the world that most people never go, looking for more interesting people and stories to share with my listeners.

On this second season, I’m featuring some of those stories, including a trip to the annual Junkanoo festival in the Bahamas, a visit to southern Russia -- where I attempt to learn the traditional practice of Tuvan throat singing -- and a tour of the radioactive ghost town of Pripyat, near the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in Ukraine. If you’ve got a suggestion of something you think I should cover on a future episode, please drop me a line!

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Photo by Charlie Eckert

Photo by Charlie Eckert

Addi and his friend Charlie hatch a plan to travel around the globe making balloon hats for people, but what at first sounds like a fun and quirky adventure turns out to be far more meaningful than they ever could have imagined! Read more and see more photos here.

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On this episode, my brother and I visit Angkor Wat and the Battambang Bamboo Railway, two places in Cambodia that have changed dramatically over the last few years, where the present no longer looks like the past. See more photos and videos here.

The jungle hut where Dennis took part in his ayahuasca ceremony

The jungle hut where Dennis took part in his ayahuasca ceremony

As a follow-up to my last episode, I present this bonus conversation with my friend Dennis, who also attended an ayahuasca ceremony in Peru and - like me - seemed to be immune to the effects.

Thanks to composer Anthony Kozar for providing some of the music used in this episode.


Lucho — who I met in the last episode — invites me to attend a traditional healing ceremony he’s leading, where people drink a hallucinogenic potion called ayahuasca. I also speak with an anthropologist and Jesuit priest Fr. Jaime Regan about the history of shamanism in Peru. Read more here.

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I showed up in Peru looking for an adventure, and by the time I flew home 3 1/2 weeks later, I was feeling pretty satisfied that I’d achieved my goals. On this episode, I join a traditional medicine man on a journey, searching for a star-shaped stone with supposed magical healing powers that he saw in a vision. See more photos here.

2019-03-31 19.55.37-2.jpg

More than 20 years after peace was declared in Northern Ireland, Belfast and other cities still contain dozens of walls separating Protestant neighborhoods from Catholic ones. They cut across communities, like monuments to the conflict, etched into the physical landscape. And removing them isn’t going to be easy.

On this episode, I visit the remote Russian republic of Tuva to learn about the traditional instruments and the ancient art of throat singing, and I even attempt to throat sing myself! Read more about my visit and see photos and videos here.

photo by  Drew Gurian

photo by Drew Gurian

As large as 55 American football fields and generating sales of close to 6-billion dollars a year, Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market routinely shipped fish to high end sushi restaurants around the world! But last fall, it moved to a larger and more modern location in a different part of the city. I had a chance to visit the market and attend one of its famous tuna auctions before it closed for good. Read more about my visit and see photos and videos here.

A Geiger counter measuring radiation at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor

A Geiger counter measuring radiation at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor

If you’ve seen or heard about the recent HBO dramatic miniseries about Chernobyl, you might have wondered what it’s really like there today. On this first episode of season 2, I take a trip to the abandoned villages surrounding the reactor to find out for myself. Read more about my visit and see photos and videos here.

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People often say it’s a small world, but as someone who’s traveled a fair amount, I’ve come to realize that there are giant parts of the planet that most people never think about, and billions of stories they’ve never heard.