Should we stay or should we go?

When it comes to welcoming foreign tourists, Turkmenistan is close to the bottom of the list. It was hard enough to get visas in the first place, and when we did, they were only good for 5 days.

Getting directions

Getting directions


Now broken down with serious car problems, we have to try to convince officials to give us more time.

When that doesn't work, we throw in the towel and decide to tow the car all the way to the border to try to get it fixed on the Uzbekistan side...


But what happens if the border is closed when we get there?

And will the Uzbekistan guards even let us in with a car that won’t start?

Suddenly, our little road trip had turned into an international bureaucratic dilemma, and the next 24 hours were sure to be interesting as we sorted this one out!

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better photos by Drew Gurian