The going gets tough

Mongolia is a place of wide open spaces and little vegetation.

It's the the land of Genghis Khan, nomadic culture, and yodeling dance music.

It's a country that's twice the size of Texas, but with only 3 million people, it has the lowest population density of any nation on earth.


It's also a place with notoriously bad roads, where the main east-west routes are often little more than tracks through the dirt. Maps and satellite GPS are of little navigational help, and signs are few and far between. Throw in some river crossings for added entertainment, and traversing the country can be quite an adventure!


We'd been looking forward to Mongolia since the day we first decided to embark on the Mongol Rally, but we knew it was going to be one heck of a challenge.

On the latest episode of Far From Home, we finally arrive, and it turns out to be even harder than we thought!


I'm happy to announce that Public Radio News Directors Inc. (PRNDI) recently gave an award to episode 9 of this podcast, "An Eye-Opening Experience" (from Iran) at its annual conference in Philadelphia.

And the show also received some favorable attention from podcaster reviewer Wil Williams who wrote on her website that "Far from Home encapsulates what makes travel so formative and important. There’s the typical cliche about how it’s not about the destination but the journey, and that’s partially true, but it’s also about the destination. Far From Home is one of the few podcasts that balances both concepts almost effortlessly."

Thanks so much to all of you as well for your ongoing support of the show and for continuing to spread the word to your friends and colleagues on social media and through other means, cause it really does help!


Photos by Drew Gurian