What kind of car do you drive to Mongolia?

With less than one month to go until my brother and I set off on our journey across Europe and Asia, anticipation is building, and things are getting really busy!

We've secured visas for Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkey, and the remaining ones we need for Turkmenistan and Iran should hopefully arrive shortly.

We've made plans to meet up with several friends along our route, and we've begun booking hotels and our train across the English Channel.

We've gotten all the maps and guidebooks we'll need, and we've purchased satellite communication gear so we'll be able to keep in touch with family members and send updates from our route, even when we're in the middle of nowhere.

We've also signed up for a first aid class, and we've scheduled a basic mechanics course once we arrive in the U.K. so we have the skills we need in case anything should happen on our trip.

On the latest episode of my podcast, I delve into one other task that's been keeping us busy over the past few weeks. It's one of the most important planning decisions we've had to make, and it's a common question our friends and family have asked us when we told them that we were planning an 11,000 mile road trip: Deciding what kind of car to buy!


Listen to the show here to get a sense of the process we've been going through, seeking advice from knowledgeable colleagues, going car shopping in London, and learning to drive stick:


Finally, for those of you who are new to these updates and would like more background info on our trip, you can visit our Team Donundestan website.

Thanks for listening!

-- Scott