For a good cause

As my brother and I have spent the past several months driving 11,000 miles across Europe and Asia, those of you following us on Facebook and Instagram have seen what a fun and crazy adventure it's been. But while we've been going to all these places, meeting interesting people, and having incredible experiences along the way that we'll likely remember for the rest of our lives, we've also been trying to make a difference, raising money for several great charities whose work we support.

On the latest far.from.home podcast, I take you to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to tell you about our main charity called SOIL, which is taking a creative approach to tackling a major environmental and public health concern by installing hundreds of compostable toilets and turning the waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer that farmers have used to increase their crops.

You can listen to the podcast here:

As of November, 2016, we are no longer accepting donations as part of the rally, but you can still give directly to our charities by visiting the support page on our team website.

Thanks for your interest, and thanks for listening!

SOIL-run latrine in the Cite Soleil neighborhood of Port-au-Prince

SOIL-run latrine in the Cite Soleil neighborhood of Port-au-Prince